MX67 vs. MX80 real world testing

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MX67 vs. MX80 real world testing

We had an MX80 in production that wasn't keeping up.  We only have a 100x10 uplink connection, but due to the # of clients/connections, we would regularly see the performance graph peak out.  Querying the performance "perfScore" with the API would normally show values in the high 60's through 100. 


With the MX67 being released, I was curious how it would perform in this environment compared to the MX80, so I put one in. 


Here are comparisons of the performance graph.  I'm pretty pleased with this!


Both units have all security services enabled.


Querying the new MX67's perfScore via the API shows a score between 4-6.





Here is the MX67: 

2018-10-17 09_08_43-Window.png


As you can see, there is very dramatic difference. 


Hopefully that's useful info for anyone trying to figure out how to size an appliance.

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Comes here often

Impressive indeed!


Funny how the sizing guide still list 50 devices same as the MX64 when it can punch way above an MX80 which mentions 100 devices.

Getting noticed

What type of behavior did you encounter with the device @ 100% load?

@ciph3r  Predominantly that we were unable to take advantage of our full internet pipe - we have 100mb, and would get 30-60 mbs.  IP phones are in use as well, so at times of 100% load, call quality would suffer. 

For those of you who want to know if the MX67/68 can reach the expected 450Mbps here is the proof :



I wouldn't be surprised that it can go way faster but is software limited to 450Mbps so that it doesn't affect the sales of the MX84


By the way this is with AMP and IPS Enabled


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