MX 400 - LCD Displaying black boxes - Hard reset doesnt change anything


MX 400 - LCD Displaying black boxes - Hard reset doesnt change anything

Hello all,


Hoping somebody can help


A MX400 is displaying black boxes on the LCD display.


I have followed the help in this link -



But after trying the hard reset nothing changes.


Is there any more help available other than whats in the above link, is there a fix for it, any help with be really appreciated 


thank you,


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Whey you say after the hard reset nothing changes. Are you referring to just the black boxes or did the local config also not reset? You should have had to reconfigure the static IP etc if it successfully reset. It's a little thing, but sometimes it might take a few tries to get these devices to factory reset.


Thank for taking the time to reply.


To me it looks like the unit doesn't respond to the hard reset process.


I see no changes in the LCD display, i get no activity on the Ethernet/management port, no web interface or prompt to input a new ip address




Yeah if you can't get a factory reset I would want to get it RMA'd and given that you have tried a factory reset support would very likely get that RMA'd right away for you.


Okay, thanks Macuser for your help.

Kind of a big deal

Call support. 


if this box has done this then personally I'd never trust it again and would want it RMA'd. I wouldn't be interested in any hackey fix that may or may not actually solve whatever the real problem is. 


Thanks for replying.. is this something you've seen happen?


It appears to be know problem as there is a help document on it.. its just it doesn't change anything and i was hoping somebody out there had gone through this process








I had a client reporting he experienced this allready 4 times .. with different devices.


I'm going to check their configs and setup on prem (powergrid), just in case...


keep posting





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