MX64 blocking Synology Diskstation onedrive cloud sync


MX64 blocking Synology Diskstation onedrive cloud sync



I've just installed the MX64 in my test environment.  I have a Synology Diskstation that I use to sync onedrive data (Office Home 365).  Since the installation, the cloud sync fails.  If I remove the MX64, and replace with my previous Firewall, cloud sync starts working again.  (


I have tried white listing the synology diskstation.  No luck.  I do have firewall forwarding rules for other Synology features: SMTP, Web, Audio, Video, etc.  I do not have any rules for blocking outbound traffic other then the default out-of-box settings.


I have turned off AMP and IDS.


Any ideas of where to start trouble-shooting?


Thanks, Tony

Kind of a big deal

We use a synology without issue. We are using 14.x firmware on our MX64.

Everything else is working, only the cloud sync to onedrive is failing.


I have two NIC's in the synology bonded for redundancy.  I see this event log on the Meraki: 

Jun 15 08:23:45 DSDATA Client IP conflict MAC: 00:11:32:39:40:76 also claims IP:
Jun 15 08:23:45 DSDATA Client IP conflict MAC: 00:11:32:39:40:75 also claims IP:

Could that be cause?  It is not connected to a managed switch.

Try to use only one NIC and unbind them.


Unbind them and only connect one NIC.

Has anyone had success with a bond on the Synology working when plugged into an MX?

Building a reputation

Meraki MX won't accept a port channel link aggregation.

Mine works ok even with aggregation port.

What MX license are you using?

I noted that only one of the ports has any traffic of merit, so it works but not as intended.



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