MX64 Warm Spare configuration

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MX64 Warm Spare configuration



 I am in the process of trying to setup a Meraki MX64 warm spare.. Here are the issues I am faced with


This is in a larger office building, There are 2 ISPs being used a Primary and Secondary WAN, ISP A is Fiber and they just ran a ethernet handoff to the server room. ISP B is the Cable provider and there is a modem with Multiple Ethernet ports on it.

I previously have attempted to set this up as follows


ISP A     Only has the ethernet handoff so I obtained a Dumb switch basically to act as a Hub, the connection for ISP A goes into the switch and then out to the 2 Meraki's


ISP B Has multple ports on the device and I have a Ethernet from Each to each Meraki


Port 1 on each device is then connected to the LAN Switch.


 This works, however, once the this is in place the overall bandwidth for the network slow to basically a crawl as far as speed goes? Where am I going wrong?


Kind of a big deal

Are your MXs configured for HA and running VRRP between the two?


Have you tested each WAN/ISP connection separately to rule out an upstream issue with each.


And finally are you load balancing over each WAN connection or using WAN 1 as primary and WAN 2 as secondary 

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Kind of a big deal

Couple of thoughts.

  1. The MX64 will only do 200Mbps if you’ve got all the threat protection switched on - although I wouldn’t call that a crawl.
  2. Will your ISP A (fibre) provide you with multiple IP addresses? Maybe they only allow a single address and it is jumping between the HA MXs. Both MXs need to have IP addresses (and you have an option to have a third, VIP, if you want to).
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