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MX100 Unreachable on the dasboard

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MX100 Unreachable on the dasboard



My MX100 with firmware MX 13.36 and transparent mode become unreachable on the dashboard after i change the local IP with the new one from the dashboard then change it back again to the old IP.

The function and the traffic still work but on the dashboard it become uncreachable.

Maybe someone had a problem like me before?


The point is after some change on the local IP the device status on the dasboard become unreachable but the function still work fine.



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Re: MX100 Unreachable on the dasboard

I had the same issue a couple of weeks before, If you apply any change in the configuration the divise take that modification ?,

in my case after 1 hour the devise change to reachable again

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Re: MX100 Unreachable on the dasboard

if you are sure that your ip configuration is correct sometimes it's best to wait it out.

Or reboot the MX and it should register itself in the dashboard. Give it some time.


Sometimes it's the browser that "takes time" refreshing or showing the correct status. 




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Re: MX100 Unreachable on the dasboard

I'm not sure that I understood the question fully but I think this info may help.


Meraki uses a concept of "safe configuration". If a configuration change you make causes a device to lose connectivity to the cloud. It will revert to the safe configuration (not sure how long it will wait before it does that on the MX). Once the cloud connectivity remains online for 30 minutes and the device hasn't rebooted in that 30 minutes, the configuration is marked safe again.


More info here:

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