MX firmware 17.10.2 has moved from stable release candidate to stable

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

MX firmware 17.10.2 has moved from stable release candidate to stable

We're using it with the enterprise feature set and it works well.  Your experience may differ if you use certain devices with advanced features enabled.


Kind of a big deal

I don't trust in this version yet. I saw people with a lot of issues in this version including me. 

Kind of a big deal

Using it with lots of feature and everything is working fine at the moment.


Getting noticed

Have the 17.x performance issues been resolved in this version?

Here to help

My guest net Click through Splash page does not work on ver. 17.10.2 (MX67W). No problem on Ver. 16.16.7.


Yep, I'm seeing the same problem with a clean install at 17.10.2 so can't even roll back...... 

Getting noticed

same here!


We've tried upgrading our MX75 to 17.X.X on multiple occasions with major problems every time.  This past weekend, 17.10.2 brought both of our WAN Uplinks down and had significant Meraki Cloud connectivity problems.

i have this problem only with my MX84, but not with other MX like MX68W or MX67


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I've had that happen a couple of times with an MX67.  Support claimed that there was an upstream firewall on one of the WAN circuits blocking communication, but both connections are direct to the WAN circuits.

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