MX blocking content but not giving a category

Getting noticed

MX blocking content but not giving a category

In our event log, the MX is blocking a URL but it isn't giving a category.  Below is an example.


an 30 12:41:1500:18:0a:4f:00:01Content filtering blocked URLurl, server, categories


Anyone seen this URL.  What is this that's getting blocked?


Thanks for your insight.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you have Syslogs enabled ? If so , can you confirm that the syslog doesn't contain a category ?

Probably a question for a different category.

I've been trying to get one working and having a little trouble.  

Got a windows server.  Got kiwi solar winds ( the free version ).

Opened up the ports needed but no events getting logged. 

Set the syslog server address in the dashboard.

The syslog server console is empty.


Test events work just not events from the MX.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Here to help

Esto se debe a que manejas Rutas estaticas, a todos los usuarios que pertenezcan a segmentos de rutas estaticas no podras visualizar el trafico de red, las politicas de grupo no aplican para rutas estaticas por consiguiente solo le aplican las de Content Filtering.

Intenta conectarlo directamente al mx configurando el pto como access y valida 

De esa manera veras las url que bloquea el MX

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