[MX} VPN client from inside network


[MX} VPN client from inside network



Is there a possibility to initiate L2TP VPN client tunnel being in the inside network that is behind MX? This question originates from the situation where MX doesn't have any public IP (ISP does at least 2 NATs between this network and Internet). So to remediate having no public IP the site-to-site tunnel, using IPSec, would be established between MX and some Linux in cloud. That would take care of going to the inside network and ideally would give the possibility to port forward inside interface of MX to the public IP (of Linux machine) to establish L2TP tunnel.

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Head in the Cloud

I've not known it to be possible - I recall this being asked at a CMNA and the consensus was no. But i'm not sure if that was a technical limitation at all. 


Have you tried the support team? They may have some magic green voodoo

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That wont work.

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