MAC address on which port

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MAC address on which port


I want known what is connected on each port of my MX68. Is there a way to know the mac address connected on a port

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Kind of a big deal

No.  You can only do this with the MS siwtches.

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So on every manageable switch, we can know what are connected on a port. With a MX, we must diconnected the cable and wait the screams😫

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Kind of a big deal

As @PhilipDAth said, you can't typically see the MAC addresses of devices connected to the MX.

However, you can find LLDP/CDP information using the API - View LLDP or CDP information on MX device - The Meraki Community.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I can't believe it has been over two years since we had this data for a day or two and then it was 'temporarily' removed...

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You can go to 'Tools' on the Appliance Status page and cick 'Run' next to ARP table.

This will tell you what VLAN the MAC's are in which you can hopefully map to a port on the MX.

It will obviously only have those that have not aged out, so maybe worth doing a ping across the entire subnet beforehand to populate the cache.




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I saw the "arp Table" but it's missing the port. so i don't know how the port is used

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But it will show the VLAN and you can tell what port the VLAN is on - unless you have setup the MX ports as access ports?



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