VPN to VPN connection

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VPN to VPN connection

Hi Everyone.


I currently have a MX68 setup with Meraki's client VPN. The VPN works as expected. Tunnels all traffic to our office and gives our office IP as a public IP.


One of our customers requires us to VPN into their network to be able to access a certain Dev environment but they will only allow it from our office IP.


When connecting to our VPN and then trying the customers VPN client, it drops our connection with the following error "You were disconnected because the PPP server is not responding" - It's kind of what I was expecting.


Can any one suggest a solution?


Thank you in advanced.


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Hi Adam,


Are you able to create a site to site tunnel to your Customer at all?  I assume the Dev access is done daily or is it an ad-hoc thing?

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I think you're trying to do VPN chaining. Not 100% sure it is supported by Meraki

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