Layer 7 GEO IP false positive blocking

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Layer 7 GEO IP false positive blocking

Received this message from support about certain websites not being reachable

"There may have been recent problematic geoIP updates released by MaxMind today, resulting in unexpected L7 Firewall rule blocks that were not present before"

I was able to temporarily fix this by removing my Layer 7 country-blocking

Did anyone else have this issue?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No but what were the problematic countries? 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Avif,

I've seen this a number of times in the distant past when content providers and such, have incorrect GeoIP records. I would suggest to contact Meraki Support for further assistance with this issue.





Ivan Jukić,
Meraki APJC

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi All!
As per what you have seen in the e-mail from Meraki, this is a known and ongoing issue.

MaxMind might have published some geoIP updates recently that are causing the unexpected L7 Firewall rule blocks where there weren't any previously. We cannot do anything about this from our end.

@BlakeRichardson, we cannot pinpoint a specific country/countries that would have this issue for GeoIP lookups at this moment, the main point here is to be aware of this behaviour if you see anything out of the ordinary that could be related to L7 rules in your networks. 

As always, if you encounter issues and need a more detailed look into this, please contact Meraki Support for further assistance, we'll be happy to help 🙂 
We hope this will be resolved soon!  

Our org has reached out to Meraki and have been given no more guidance on the issue or acknowledgement of it's relation to Meraki geoblocking. It has been more or less a rhetorical loop with Meraki support stating they have nothing to do with the issue, despite knowing that Meraki hands off it's geolocating to MaxMind. 

Meraki's response after I reopened a ticket they closed:  

There have been no updates on our end because this issue is not related to Meraki. We are unable to address this matter from our end as it pertains to MaxMind, and they will need to resolve it on their end if you're still encountering any issues on your end.

If you're looking to know more details on what is/isn't blocked why which specific rule etc, Meraki Support can help finding out. Meraki Support cannot resolve the issue itself. Hope this makes sense 🙂 

A model citizen

I could not reach from Oklahoma until I removed the Hong Kong country from my layer 7 rules.

I'm pretty sure the closest Akami Edge node to Oklahoma is not in Hong Kong.

It took me several hours on Tuesday to figure this out because some geolocation services were correct and others were not.

I finally found one of the bad geolocation services that showed the IP address in Hong Kong.

As soon as I removed that country, I could reach again.

Very frustrating.

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