Identify the SPF type installed on MX

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Identify the SPF type installed on MX

Hello everyone,


Is there an option to check the SFP type, installed on the MX Firewall.


We use "show int status" to check the SFP type on each port and also show inventory to know all the SPF types.


How can we find the SFP type in Meraki MX? 




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@hameedjafar- Currently there is no option to verify this.  Only method is actual eyes-on with the device.


Please "Make a wish" in the dashboard for this feature.

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on the Switches...if you click on the port...



You will get to the port information...under Status you will get some infos.



But as far that I know it is not available for the MX's.



Kind of a big deal

@hameedjafar : Not available for MX, Ask for Feature request !

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It did briefly appear about a year ago, but only lasted a few days.  I spoke to the development team a few months ago regarding bringing it back and was expecting it by now, not sure what has delayed it...

Yes please.  I'm trying to track inventory across multiple sites with multiple MS350 and MS425 switches and MX250 firewalls.  Some form of "show inventory" would be critical.  

Also unclear to me is if I have a port with an SFP but the port is down (either admin down or just not patched) will it show the installed SFP if I simply click on the port?

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