IPv6 with HA?

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IPv6 with HA?

First off: IPv6 on standalone MX devices seems to be working very well these days, and that is much appreciated!


I was hoping to understand if there is an estimated time frame or information on when we can expect to see IPv6 support enabled for MX devices in HA Pairs?

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Unfortunately, the IPv6 for High-availability (HA) is not supported at this time.

To clarify, I know that IPv6 + HA is not supported "at this time" - I am trying to understand if there is any meaningful additional information so that I can plan accordingly: e.g., if IPv6 + HA support was being worked on for MX 18.x, that would be useful to know. Alternatively, if everyone has been pulled off IPv6 support after the first major "release" in MX 17, then, well, thats also useful.


Previously, there was a private beta for IPv6 functionality. Is there something similar happening again?


So to be clear: I can find the IPv6 Support on MX link just fine, and I understand it is not supported today. I'm trying to figure out if it:

1) Will ever be supported

2) and, if so: Tomorrow? This year? Next year? or "sometime in the future but not even scheduled yet, much less started" would all be useful.

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