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IPv6 on Meraki MX 250 or other MX devices.

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IPv6 on Meraki MX 250 or other MX devices.

Had submitted a case with Meraki support and they stated it was not support at this time, but that it would be a "feature request"


We have an ARIN IPv6 routed by our ISP.  I realize using another device in front of the Meraki MX would allow us to take advantage of some of the IPv6 addresses...


However,  we would really like to do IPv6 native in our Meraki MX equipment. 


Anyone know what the best way to make Meraki understand how important IPv6 support is to us? 


Sales Rep, Feature Request through Dashboard, Email Meraki support every month to request IPv6 so they can analyze the support database and see that IPv6 is in the subject of many of the support calls...?


I've already subscribed to the official IPv6 thread on here as of today...


Was making this post to let Meraki know the importance of IPv6 to customers as ARIN is giving us nice big blocks of addresses with plenty to spare and some ISP's are now routing those blocks to their customers...


Thank you.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: IPv6 on Meraki MX 250 or other MX devices.

This is the office Meraki IPv6 thread.


It wont take you long to read.

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