How many VLANs can you create on a MX ?

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How many VLANs can you create on a MX ?

I cant quite seem to find the numbers any where.


Can anyone help ?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


I have a recollection you can create up to 128 VLAN interfaces (GUI restriction).  The VLANs can range from 1 to 4094.

Kind of a big deal

If you're worried about more than a couple of vlans on a firewall, I strongly recommend putting in an actual layer 3 switch to handle your routing needs. I understand idle curiosity, but this question sounds like the lead-in to a design choice you'll regret.

Kind of a big deal

@Nash makes a point. It's good to have a "core" switch to handle vlans and also a little routing.


Well right now I do have a couple of MS4xx in there. And there is a nice datasheet for them thats says 256 SVIs pr. switch. Just wondering if the MX scales to the same level.

Kind of a big deal

Configurable count is really different from supportable. 🙂 Bit like how you can configure 50ish VPN tunnels on an MX64-68, but that doesn't mean you're going to get very good performance out of it.



I am going to copy @Nash comment "Configurable count is really different from supportable." as it makes perfect sense! While there are no hard limits, I would like you to be aware of two limits though:


1. UI supports only 256 L3 interfaces on MS switch series.

2. You can only have a maximum of 255 VLANs configured on MXs in HA. - Dashboard will not stop you from going beyond 255 but will break things if you do. This is a known bug and dev team is looking into a long term fix on this one.



Regarding this fine answer a couple of years ago now, are there any news as to this "Bug" ?

Can I still go only to 255 VLANs on a MX ? Only asking because I have some issues with switch ACLs, where you cannot apply them only on the Layer 3 switch, but they are also applied on all other switches - And my only workaround is to instead create all layer 3 on the MX

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