How difficult is it to install a MX64?

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How difficult is it to install a MX64?

I was volunteered to be the IT department at our church. We recently upgraded our internet service and computers. We were told by three of our IT related vendors we need to have a firewall above & beyond what is provided by Spectrum-Charter's cable router/modem (Arris TM1602A + Ruckus wireless). On my home network, I can just "plug & play". Is installing and setting up a Meraki MX64 fairly simple? The instructions at seem so.

Thank you.

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It all depends on how your looking to use it. The over all deployment is easy enough they are rather close to plug in play to bring online. One of the selling points to Meraki sit he lack of "Nerd Knobs" the GUI is rather intuitive, and for basic deployments that's a positive. Make sure your adding in the on going cloud license cost when determining your solution. The MX platform can provide you DHCP services for your network, as well as content filtering and inbound connection protection. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

would buy a mx67 if you can

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@PeaceLuth  Yes its fairly simple however the devices come with support provided its licensed and you have the community here if you get stuck.

We want to put it between the real world and our internal network and let the cable modem handle the DHCP etc. We want to live stream our services and as I said three vendors "suggested" we install a firewall with two of them specifically naming the MX-64 appliance.


specifically Screenshot 2021-02-24 155945.png

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@PeaceLuth you'd normally have them the other way round and have the MX do the DHCP.  The cable modem (if it is a modem) needs to connect directly to the cable connection.

Another Newbie question. At home I rely on the cable modem to handle the DHCP, so I'm guessing the same is true here.

Any who, here's a revised pic of our set-up. The 2 Arris, 1 Ruckus boxes are connected together. Should the MX be between the TM1602 and the other two bits of kit? After all three? Call Spectrum?


Net Gear.jpg

Yep! What @cmr mentioned! The MX will be your gateway for all your devices... and it's WAN port will be plugged into your cable modem (which will give out DHCP by default) - then your MX will NAT all your network devices down stream.

The FLAW with your design is the COPIOUS amount of hours you'll spend configuring, troubleshooting, upgrading, etc all your Ruckus gear O:)! An MR46 or two would be a nice touch! 😉


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