Group Policies (VLAN): No internet only local system

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Group Policies (VLAN): No internet only local system

Hi I just want to ask how do you configure a vlan policy having no internet connection only connected to local system? 

Kind of a big deal

What exactly are you trying to achieve? A Meraki system without Internet access is rather uncommon.

Well meraki will still have an internet access but, your client who is connected to a certain port of your meraki switch will have no internet access but can connect to your internal system. 


You will be using group policies (via vlan) to do that. Any idea how to configure this on a meraki firewall? 

Kind of a big deal

Set up firewall rules to only allow your internal systems and block everything else.


Of course this depends on your internal IP address management, but e.g. allowing RFC1918 addresses would be the easiest option. Stripping it down to only these systems that particular endpoint should be able to reach would of course be even more favourable. 😉

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