General Error when a cliente connects to MX's vpn client

Here to help

General Error when a cliente connects to MX's vpn client

Hi everyone.


I hope all of one have a nice day and you could help me.


So, I have a Cisco MX that it has allows client vpn, when I connect my personal lap all it's good, but I have a PC with Windows 10 and wireless adaptador, so, when this PC create the vpn conection, conects good, but when I try RDP to another pc doesn't connect or pinging to then shows the message "General Error".


Does anyone know why in this PC shows that? 


I've been searching about it, but I only found "vpn client troubleshooting"





Kind of a big deal

Have you created access rules between your VPN subnet and the Subnet that the PC your are trying to connect to is on?

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Hello dear Blake


No I have not, I dont have any kind of rule, I just have an easy configuration in my firewall and in vpn client

I've been thinking it's a problem with the PC indeed, but Idk if the problem is about OS version, upgrates or the hw as wireless adaptor.



Here to help

Hello everyone


I'm here again, I was traing a lot of things to solve the problem and finaly I found it.


The problem was the the anti-virus, my client had "Bitdefender" but it had an diferent coniguration about the ports, so, he configured some ports like RDP, ICMP, etc. and it worked good.


Thanks for your help and have a nice day 



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