Enterprise license to advance security license

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Enterprise license to advance security license

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Is it possible to convert from enterprise license to advance security license?

Situation is when purchase the wrong license type instead of advance sec, we purchased the enterprise license. Now we need to convert it to advance security.



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yes you can. See the following link. Just be aware that you can not mix advanced and enterprise licenses...either all MX's in an organization advanced or enterprise.




There is one question: Can I upgrade from Enterprise to Advanced Security or Secure SD-WAN Plus (MX Only)? Which explains it.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Following up in @rwiesmann‘s post. This can be done. If you wait 30 or so days you can then reach out to Meraki support to migrate your license from Enterprise to Advanced.  You’ll lose approx half of your license term however as the Advanced license is more expensive.

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Kind of a big deal

How long has the enterprise license been claimed?  You should be able to return it via Meraki's RMA process for a full refund and purchase the correct one.  I have been down that road a few times due to mistakes in the order process.



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