Easy Way To Change Content Filtering On 400+ Networks

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Easy Way To Change Content Filtering On 400+ Networks

Good morning,


I have over 400 networks in my organization and need the ability to update the content filtering settings 'en masse.'  For instance, we currently need to add a single website as a whitelist pattern to every network.


Templates do not work well for my organization as they require a network to take all of the templates settings.  Our settings are too diverse between our networks to overwrite all areas of settings. 


I have written API code to modify what the API can reach, but content filtering is not accessible over the API.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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unfortunately the conten filters can not be changed by the API.

At least I could not find any API calls for this when I was trying to do it some moths ago.

The only option you have to change them all together, is using a template for these networks or config sync.

Config Sync only works if it is an appliance network and not a combined one.

Config Sync isn't reasonable either for a product that bills itself as a 'single pane of glass'; we have many combined networks.

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Can't you create some templates and than attach the matching devices to those templates? Or they are totally different?

I mean, we have over 500 networks and they fill 5 templates.

Unfortunately, all-encompassing templates without options to override sections or settings are not realistic in my environment.  I'd love the templates if one could override a particular page of settings, or individual settings.  In particular, the fact that the template prevents one from choosing your own subnets and masks is the fatal flaw for me.

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