Dual MX Hot Spare using Static IP

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Dual MX Hot Spare using Static IP

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Is it possible to setup two MX100's in HA/Warm Spare but use Static IP (on different /30 IP's) to both and not DHCP?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, we have this setup for all our MX HA pairs.  You set it on the uplink tab in the dashboard, or the through the local management page if you cannot get a connection to the dashboard via a temporary DHCP address.


When we set up new HA pairs we create them in the dashboard with all the static IP settings and then plug them in to the normal internal network.  They get an IP via DHCP, connect to the Meraki servers, download the firmware set in the network, make any LAN->WAN port changes if applicable and then set the WAN IP to the pre-programmed static IP address.


As they now show disconnected in the dashboard we then unplug them and take them to the install location, plug them in and they come up and reconnect to the dashboard.  We have even used non-IT people to do this bit as all you need to be able to do is connect cables to the correct ports.


One of the best features of Meraki 😃

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