Design with 3rd ethernet WAN uplink.

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Design with 3rd ethernet WAN uplink.

Hi meraki community.


I have been designing a best solution for a customer, that needs a 3rd ethernet wan uplink. So i have some questions.

I have just one MX for site, and dont have HA configuration, by can´t add a spare.


1. The mx can have more of 2 ethernet wan uplink? How is that configuration?

2. If ia need configure flow preferences (internet traffic), there are some kind configuration that enable the prefered uplink in a VLAN? 


Thanks, i will be waiting for your help.

Kind of a big deal

Hi Juan,


MX only has two WAN interfaces. The only option for a third WAN is LTE (but only as a backup).


Of course you can have flow preference...but only for two uplinks.

 Hi cptcrunch


thanks. the problem is i dont have MX(C) model, and my 3rd wan uplink, is needed if 2 first wan uplink fails. its a bakcup, but i cant use a doongle or a MX(C) model. by the way, this underlay is LTE, but using a router with this feature. And comercial team, think uses more than 2 wan uplink.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The max is 2 wan uplinks on the mx itself.

Flow preference is based on a ip or subnet of that vlan. 


You could connect a 3rd internet provider on a  lan port and make a default route for a vlan to that port, but you lose most mx functionality for that traffic. 

Hi ww


thanks. Indeed, now i have a 3rd "wan" conections by a LAN and i am establishing the active route with a static route and the opticon "while host X responds to ping". And the autovpn (the real 2 wan uplinks), remains other routes as standby waiting happens the conditions in the static route.

As can you see, in the active route i'm not doing a VPN, only a simple MPLS(thats my underlay), and this design is nos SDWAN, and the commercial team, insist in keep call it as SDWAN.


maybe you know, if meraki support recognize a design like this this, as a functional in PBR? (i know thar i cant use this, like application routing) 

What specifically are your 3 WAN circuits?  2 x Internet and 1 private MPLS?

Hi phillip


I have 1 internet, 1 mpls and 1 LTE, but using a router with this feature. And preseales team, didnt make a budget of MX(C) model or LTE Usb Doongle.


thats why i need meraki MX support a 3rd ethernet wan uplink 😞

Hi Phillip


Really thank you. 

With this document, i can check that the re-design proposed is supported by meraki.


Thanks for you all.

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