Data center Fail over

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Data center Fail over

In having a hard time finding the right solution in this scenario. I want to be able to failover Site 2 and be able to keep all my services like adfs running. Meraki.PNG

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Can you explain a bit further? 


If I am understanding your right you have 2 remote sites and 2 Main sites.


You want to have it setup so that if Site 1 goes down the remote sites will all begin pointing to site 2 for all adfs? and what part of site 1 goes down all of it or just internet? 



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Kind of a big deal

Agreed some additional details would be useful.  What scenario are you wanting to protect against?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is the 20G link a layer 2 link trunking all the VLANs, or is it a routed link between the sites?


Do the MX84's exist at the moment, and do the VLANs hang off them - or is this what you are proposing - or do the VLANs hang off the switches?

Currently i have Asa's in both sites configured as gateways for the core's. 

The two sites are 3 miles apart and we have the both Cisco cores connected trough our own 20G fiber 

Site 1 is our primary DC with all the nat's for ADFS, VPN, outlook etc ..

I want to use Site 2 as our Failover DC,  in case of a failure where ISP goes down at site 1, FW or the whole site goes down i want to be able to stand Site 2  with no interruption on services like ADFS.

I am not sure how meraki handles VIP or IBGP

So if you have a failover do you manually update the external DNS for people to get to the servers?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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