Windows hotspots as Rogue APs...

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Windows hotspots as Rogue APs...

Windows 10 allows users to create Wi-Fi hotspots, which work quite well... However, from our perspective, this is a rogue AP because it allows access to the LAN by random devices. Can we detect the creation of a Wi-Fi hotspot using the Meraki?


Or are 3rd-party tools required?

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I´ve seen security marshall feature built in to most of Meraki MR models do the trick in notifying when a hot-spot comes up on Android and iOS.

Would like to know how to enable this feature... It's on presently but nothing shows up in the Rogue AP panel even if the SSID is put in.

Have you been expanding the time window for which the rouge SSIDs are being displayed? I have found that it can be kind of tricky to catch a phone under the Rouge SSIDs tab of the Air Marshal page since they only show up briefly. If you go to "Network-wide > Alerts > Network-wide" and check the box for "A rouge AP is detected" you'll get an email notification a few minutes after someone attempts to use a hotspot. I have found this to be the most helpful so I am not just trying to chase hotspot attempts.


What model of MR's are you running and can you post a screenshot of your Air Marshal configuration?



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