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DHCP addressing

Hello, this is probably a stupid question but I will ask anyway.  We run a class B network so when assigning dhcp address' on the meraki it will dole out whatever it wants to when no other ranges are blocked.  Is there a way to just set the ip range that you want to pull from instead of blocking everything else?  I have not seen a way to do that as of yet.  Thank you

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Nope,  you just can exclude the range that you don't want to use.


Reserved IP range in this case.

I am not a Cisco Meraki employee. My suggestions are based on documentation of Meraki best practices and day-to-day experience.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

hi @LegacyFarmers - please see link below for help with configuring DHCP:


Configuring DHCP Services on the MX and MS - Cisco Meraki

Darren OConnor | doconnor@resalire.co.uk

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.
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You could use VLANs to narrow your DHCP assignments. Say your network is Instead of using the whole network for DHCP.  You could assign VLANs to subnets of the /16 and then set DHCP for those VLANs. 



VLAN 10 - (Printers)

VLAN 11 - (Desktops)

VLAN 12 - (Wireless)

VLAN 70 - (VoIP)



Would you then assign that as a policy to that device?

I am unsure of the end goal so I can only assume you want certain addresses for certain devices? Using the VLANs doesn't require anything special, you don't have to create polices, and you don't need to over complicate it. In my example you could set VLAN 11 as the default and then anything plugged into the switch would get an address from VLAN 11 DCHP range. Then set VLAN 70 as VoIP and all the phones get those addresses. Then setup your WAPs for VLAN 12. You then configure the printers to VLAN 10 and they will get a DHCP or you can use static in some cases. I just did some basic VLANing, you may have a management VLAN, a Server VLAN and a VPN VLAN, depending on what you need and are doing. Also the IP range doesn't have to be part of the You could have:


VLAN 11 =

VLAN 200 =


But my thoughts to your question were you wanted to create DHCP groups so to speak. 

Correct me if I am wrong ( I probably am so be prepared to type ), in your example you would be using a managed switch and telling it the vlan you are wanting to use or have multiple switches (unmanaged) and using the ports on the meraki to decipher the vlan to each.  Which would work for sure (again I think) but that is not how it is set up now.  That does give me the idea though to make a couple small changes in order to make this happen.

Yes you could have mix configurations at the switch or only one VLAN on a switch. Example: Switch 1 has VLAN 11 and 70 on it. Switch 2 only has VLAN 10 on it. It would take more hardware but it can be done that way. Most of us networking type don't want to buy more than we have too or are on a tight budget...so you can have all the VLANs access able on a single switch(es) or stack of switches. You can set the VLANs per PORT or have it a trunk port and set the VLAN on the device or or or. Very flexible. 

yes that is what I thought and would be the easiest way to configure what I am looking to do.  I have everything in place just wasn't thinking that way.... So I can make the adjustments needed and go from there.  Then I wouldn't have to worry about addressing and only where it is plugged in to.  Mostly for quick monitoring of clients on the meraki so I know where/what they are at a quick glance.  thank you for all your input

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