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DC-DC failover

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DC-DC failover



Can someone explain to me how the two dc's are communicating, i dont know why this is so confusing to me.


I am looking for the same topology as below but with MPLS and DIA for  both DC and branches

why are the Datacenter services connecting directly to the L3 core routers?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: DC-DC failover

So the core routers can route traffic between the different dc subnets. With ospf or bgp or any other routing protocol. 

They also provide the routing between autovpn and the dc(bgp preferred)


Its just a drawing. .The dc services can also connect the switches for example

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Re: DC-DC failover

In addition to what @ww wrote, there is a key point when adding the MPLS circuit, as you intend to. By bringing the MPLS circuit into the Layer 3 core too, whether via a firewall or not (depending on your security requirements), you’ll provide a path to the internet from the MPLS network, which is required for the AutoVPN to work over the MPLS network. And the tunnels that form over the MPLS will also be able to reach the one arm concentrator.

Kind of a big deal

Re: DC-DC failover

How do your DCs communicate?  Layer 3 or layer 2?  If it is layer 2 adjacent then you can use a much simpler setup.

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