Country Power Cords Ordering LATAM

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Country Power Cords Ordering LATAM

Looking for ordering SKU's for MX's and MG's in the LATAM region.  Where can I find them?  Datasheet was not clear on this.


Thank you.

Kind of a big deal

Have you reached out to your Cisco rep?

Alemabrahao, we're a wholesale MSP (we sell to partners and service providers, not end-customers) so we're one sales organizational layer removed from the Cisco AM.  It would take days before I can get a response from them.  And my Cisco partner manager and his engineer are located in Europe and besides the time zone difference, they also sometimes take a few days to get back to me.  Therefore, coming to the Community is quicker and more effective for us. 


Hope this answers your question.

Kind of a big deal

Are you a partner or end user?  There is a partner LATAM ordering guide here:



BrandonS, I'm a partner.  I'm looking at the info you sent me.  

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