MX64 Slow inernet

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MX64 Slow inernet


Hi All, Looking for an advice


I've got a 100 Mbps fibre connection (Australia, NBN FTTP) from provider Telstra and over the last 2 days I've been trying to to setup MX64W to replace Telstra Gen 3 Modem. While it works great, I am seeing significant drop in upload speed when I am on MX (by running Telstra speed test)


MX = 35 Mbps Up / 18 Mbps Down

Telstra = 108 Mbps Up /  18 Mbps Down


Current config 

1) Routed mode with two VLANs for Home and Office.  I'd also created two group policies to apply traffic shaping for Home during office Hrs, but it's been disable now for troubleshooting 

2) Threat protection - All including AMP are disabled

3) Uplink config for WAN1 (NBN UNID) set to custom (150 up and 30 down)

4) Global bandwidth limits - unlimited 

5) Traffic shaping rules - disabled for now 

6) Wireless setting - two out of 3 SSID in use. One for Home and other for Office. Office SSID is hidden, 

7) Firewall - Default settings and no changes are made. 

😎Content Filtering - Not configured. 


Please let me know if I missed anything. 

Kind of a big deal

What version are you running on MX?

MX 17.9.

Just scheduled an upgrade to MX 17.10.1

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I suggest you downgrade It to version 16.16.6. version 17.x has an instability issue, and It is a stable release candidate.


Thanks just scheduled a downgrade. I will test it

Upgrading to MX 16.16

Unfortunately downgrading version didn't make any difference to the download speed. Still seeing between 35 -47 Mbps while switching to wifi of service provider's modem is at 105 Mbps. 

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Do you have any traffic shaping rules applied to the client?

No. And also i'd tried to change it from normal to Allow list to test, but no luck 



Device policy:
Layer 3 firewall:0 rules
Layer 7 firewall:0 rules
Traffic shaping:0 rules


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Well, so I suggest you open a case with Meraki support. I have an MX64w and It has been working well.

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Kind of a big deal

Did you configure up and down the wrong way? Or do you just have a lot of upload and not much download speed?


Try remove the global limits and test again



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Kind of a big deal

As @ww said, I think you need to set the download to 100Mb+ as I've never seen a home service that gives higher upload.

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This is how I have my home router set, I don't think its an issue having your router set to higher than your link speed but I'm sure someone will tell me if I am wrong. In my case my home speed is 1Gbps up and 500Mbps down so its faster than my MX but I have no need for a MX75 at home. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 8.29.04 AM.png
New here

Hi All,


Thanks for your advice.

I did open a support case and an Engineer was working with me. What I found is that my Laptop connected to MX64W LAN port is giving same speed as ISP Modem. But when I switch to WIFI, ISP Modem is giving me 100 Mbps Up / 18 down VS MX64W giving less than 50Mbps Up / 18 Down. 



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