Configure Warm Spare MX64

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Configure Warm Spare MX64

Hi team, When do you use MX Uplink IPs or Virtual Uplink IPs,

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you have another router in front doing NAT, then you'll want to use a virtual IP so you have a single IP address to NAT to.


If you only have outbound browsing, and you are not worried about NAT failover, then I would just use the uplink IP's.  Using only the uplink IPs means you can survive the MX's going multi-master if something goes badly wrong.  You can also create a loop free layer two topology of you don't suffer the delay of a spanning tree failove.


If you are terminating VPNs then virtual IP can make the VPNs recover faster on a failure.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the feedback,

This is my first time on Meraki Devices, in my case, i have one uplink link to ISP, 2 MX and 2 MS. This is to achieve redundancy incase their is a hardware failure. Could you advice the best setup to achieve it

What does that one uplink to your ISP use and does it have an Ethernet presentation?  PPPoE?  A static routed subnet?


It is critical that both MX's can plug into an Internet circuit and be able to talk to the Meraki cloud.

its static IP adress, ethernet

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