CloudTrack Caveats

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CloudTrack Caveats

Can someone clarify this caveat:

Do not use Cloud Track in a dashboard network where the MX's WAN ports are connected to a Meraki switch in the same Dashboard network. If you need to use a Meraki switch in between your ISP and the MX WAN please separate this switch from both the dashboard and physical network.



I can understand the dashboard network, but don't understand the physical part. We use MS120-8s as DMZ switches which I imagine is common for HA pairs. I can certainly move all my DMZ switches to their own network, but I can't physically separate them?? 


Any idea? This feature appears to be very fresh so not sure if anyone has tried yet.

Kind of a big deal

If you have the traffic running through dedicated switche(s) first and then through an MX(s) the traffic will get double counted.  If you put the switches into a different network it wont get double counted.


It's not a physical issue.  Just a monitoring concern.

That's what I figured, it's just written oddly. Thanks for the confirmation.

Kind of a big deal

Thank you for this heads up. We use MS120-8 ports to split ISPs between multiple firewalls, at a couple clients who also have other Meraki equipment.

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