Client VPN cant reach configured static routes

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Client VPN cant reach configured static routes



can someone assist me on settings needed for Client using client VPN as they cannot reach any host configured under static routes. Below are the things/settings I've done to give you a whole grasp of the picture



Client VPN subnet (172.x.x.x)

MX Subnet 192.x.x.246


3rd party router (directly connected to MX84 Switch port)




for LAN, access all configured static routes are accessible  but when connecting to Client VPN, ping and connectivity is impossible. I've perform static route but traffic stopped to Meraki



Layer 3 firewall rules, I've allowed 172.x.x.x going to 192.x.x.x

on 3rd party router, created static route going to 172.x.x.x next hop to 192.x.x.246 (meraki mx)




Is there anything I've missed here? 

Franco Ramos
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Try to configure a point to point subnet /30 for sample between the 3rt party router and try to ping the MX side and the the 3rt party side.

The reconfigure the static route.


Something to take in count, have you check the static routes in the other router? bc would it be that the packet is arriving but it doesn`t know how to reply the message.

so try to configure a static route to the vpn client subnet in the 3rt party router.






Johnny Fernandez
Network & Security Engineer

Also, what do you have any rules in your firewall to allow this traffic?

Hi @andy0609 ,


I dont have any rules for this.


I tried creating one being my Client VPN segment as my source and destination is the next hop IP but i think i didn't worked so i've removed it.



Franco Ramos
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