Client VPN Authentication on n109 failing using Meraki auth!

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Client VPN Authentication on n109 failing using Meraki auth!

What the heck is going on with Meraki support structure?

I have had a case open for days (06984341) just incase anyone higher up at Meraki actually wants to take a look. The support team have been great - Vishal and George have been very open about the issue. I have a customer who has paid for their advance security license on their MX100 and homeworkers (about 75) can NOT work from home for nearly 2 days.  


The issue is apparently with the SHARD n109-meraki-com (this is what my customer uses) that is causing home workers that use Meraki cloud to authenticate not to be able to connect. I've asked my rep to reach out about this but hasn't returned my calls or emails in attempt to escalate. Apparently moving SHARD's isn't an option but then my tech cant escalate. The Support guys have zero way of escalating, what is the point in paying over the odds for licenses when the support team cant escalate. 

Im mainly using this to vent, but how can a company that charges for support not allow their engineers to escalate?!?


P.S.... This has been T-shooted (with the great engineers) to the back teeth. This isnt a device or local config issue.


Meraki need to rethink their support and escalation procedures 

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Hi Mikeylad.


Can you tell me how you solved this issue? If it is not device or local config issue. What else it could be? Can you send me engineers email address? I have very big problem could you please help me?

The issue is with the cloud authentication side of the VPN. Therefore nothing that users can fix even with support. The guy I spoke to this morning told me its a "bug with no ETA on a fix". additionally my dash for this customer is also hard down with the "maintenance" for the last 5 hours.

You need to call in to support wait (sometimes) long period of times on hold and log the case with tech, reference this case if needed.


Im debating ripping the kit out of the site and switching it for something totally different as no one at meraki seems to want to own this.

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