Change Meraki MX route priority

Getting noticed

Change Meraki MX route priority

Hi Guys,

I understand, MX route priority is as below. Is there any way to change this priority?

  1. Directly Connected
  2. Client VPN
  3. Static Routes
  4. AutoVPN Routes
  5. Non-Meraki VPN Peers
  6. NAT*

I was checking on bringing AutoVPN routes above static route.

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Hello @charles07,

There is not a way to change the the priority. The Meraki MXs work based on the most-specific route model. With Static routing however, you may be able to "force" placing the AutoVPN route by creating a static route that is similar to the AutoVPN you want to make priority.

What is the situation and what are you trying to accomplish? I also attached the routing behaviors document below.

Thank you @KRobert 

Situation is AutoVPN to MPLS (P2P line ) failover.

I know MPLS to AutoVPN failover works, but it's the reverse that's required.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

you can try to make it work by using bigger /overlapping subnets(supernets) to the MPLS. 



Overlapping Routes

Route priority dictates how traffic is routed when multiple routes exist to the same subnet. However, overlapping routes that are not identical are also present in many deployments. In this case, the most specific route will be used.

Getting noticed

thank you @ww I had checked large subnet option too, but in large enterprises we can't just simply apply a large subnet in the VPN tunnel. You know it's implications....


guys, any other solutions??

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The tunnel need the smaller subnets.


I dont know  your ip plan or design but for example you could  set  static routes for  all RFC1918 private ranges to the  Mpls.  As long  as your vpn  tunnels  are up  and  more specific  routes  are learned  there it would  prefer  the  autovpn. (Did not test this .  Assumption reading the doc.)



Comes here often

am aware this is relatively old post but seeking expert advice. 


we are facing similar issue where we are noticing high latency from on-premise hub-A to vmx however another hub-B (in same region/country as hub-B) is having ideal latency.


intermittently, this behavior flips from Hub-A to Hub-B.


vmx is deployed in separate subnet and routing table properly attached to hosts subnet.


traffic / ping flow is normal and working with high latency to one hub-at-a-time. something telling me hosts behind on-premise hub LAN are routed via second Hub instead of direct Hub-A to vMx or Hub-B to vmX.


how can we define vmx subnet routing from Hubs to not route through other hubs as this will result in high latency ?


tried everything including redeploying vmx, rasied case with Meraki support but no luck!

any help would be appreciated.

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