Cellular Failover using rj45 instead of USB

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Cellular Failover using rj45 instead of USB

We have a customer that has more than one internet circuit. They want to use a cellular modem as their final failover if two other Internet Circuits. Could we configure a port on an MX85 to be an L3 port connected to the cellular modem and then have the MX failover to this device if the two Wan circuits go down.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No. Current max is still 2 wan ports.

But maybe its possible to add it to the  router connected at wan2. 

Kind of a big deal

No as @ww already points out. Only 2 WAN ports and the additional USB port for cellular failover

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Actually, this is likely not possible for the OP.  Since Meraki has stopped certifying USB modems years ago, it's almost impossible to buy one that would work because all of the certified models are EOL.  Updating the firmware to allow one of the RJ45 ports to be used as a cellular fail-over port would be a decent consolation for customers who buy MX devices believing USB cellular fail-over is still a realistic feature.

Kind of a big deal

There's a cure for that sir: it's called Meraki MG. 😉

So if you have two WAN uplinks, you can connect a Meraki MG to one of the free LAN ports and it will function as a cellular backup?

Kind of a big deal

Sorry, misread your question. MG would "only" be a replacement for the USB modem, but will definitely need its own WAN port.

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