Can’t connect to AWF The connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a

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Can’t connect to AWF The connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a

Everything was working fine this morning, but now all of my remote users is getting this error when trying to connect to the client vpn.  We are using MX67 router/firewall. 

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Same issue. I have 8 remote users connected VPN but new connections fail with error "remote connection terminated because the remote computer failed to respond in a timely manner".  I have recreated the use id for client vpn and tried it from multiple location in the Dallas area.  Spectrum is the internet provider.

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Please check your respective dashboard there is a message that they are working on it.

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I believe this is global. We're out in Kansas and we're down as well. But the ones that were able to stay on VPN are still connected.

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I followed the Community dashboard on the status of the fix. My clients are telling me now that they can connect using the Client VPN on the MX67's router/firewalls.  So, it looks like it is fixed.  Thanks to the Cisco Engineers.

We had this problem yesterday.  This morning a few of our users are receiving this message:  "The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed."


Is anyone else still experiencing an issue connecting to the VPN?


Update: I have discovered that I was able to fix one Windows 11 user by enabling unencrypted PAP.  It was working as recently as last night, but I had to enable it this morning to get it to work.

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My client is reporting that everything is good and working. Thanks!

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