Can i connect a unmanaged HP switch to MX port

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Can i connect a unmanaged HP switch to MX port

Hi All,


My one port on the MX is on VLAN 10 which is for Voice

Due to the lack of the port on the MX and i dont want to go for a new Meraki switch at this stage as i just need one more port for one additional phone. Can i connect a one HP unmanaged PoE switch on one of the port of MX


Will this work ? Do i need to define trunk or access on the MX port which will be the uplink to the HP unmanaged switch?  I think it should be access on MX as the HP switch is anyway is unmanaged. Please advise.

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As I see it, the Hp device will be transparant .. so the MX port should act like a single voice device was attached (with exception of single MAC filter, since multiple MAC's will be comming in)


So my input will be to go for Access config (in the correct VLAN), and remember that when leaving the MX, no QoS will be executed since the unmanaged HP device will not know how to queue.



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