Blocking all web browser traffic except, for example, edge.


Blocking all web browser traffic except, for example, edge.

Hi everyone, 


I wonder if it's possible to block all traffic form all web browsers except, for example, Edge? 

Thanks for you help !

Kind of a big deal

Unfortunately it's not possible. You need a system manager.

Kind of a big deal

It's not possible with Meraki networking. You would need a client side software that can prevent users from opening/installing web browsers other than edge.

Eg. Meraki systems manager, windows app locker, other EDR/MDM solutions...

Kind of a big deal

Thinking sideways; some antivirus software has a "blacklist" style feature.  You might be able to blacklist the executable names of browsers you don't want to use.

...unless somebody renames that executable name. 😉 Better block the SHA-value which is way harder to spoof.

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