Anyconnect SSL VPN licenses

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Anyconnect SSL VPN licenses

Am I missing something or is there no way to license less than 25 users for a site?  

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25 users is the minimum amount you can buy. But it is not per site, it is for AnyConnect users in your organisation (if you choose the per user licensing which is most often the best fit).

But you can't split that 25 licenses over multiple organizations can you?  You are just saying that one multi-site organization can share the 25 licenses across all of their sites?

Kind of a big deal

Yes, the license is assigned to the company that buys the license. It doesn’t matter in which site the licenses are used. This is the ordering guide:

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Is there an MSP version of the licences?


We have a few companies that would want to use AnyConnect, although probably only 1-3 people would need VPN access in their business. Purchasing 5x25 licences seems a bit over the top. 

I am not aware about MSP licensing. But as long as all potential users are covered by a license I would expect that it should be fine. But better ask a Cisco SE for that.

It could be difficult with devices like FTD as these use smart licensing and the license needs to be assigned to the right customer. But with the MX, where we don't have Smart-Licensing at the moment, it would at least technically work.

I'm pretty sure MSP relationships are not Meraki's top priority.  Unfortuantely.

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