Unable to Login


Unable to Login

Earlier today I unboxed my first Meraki Go and have ran into a major issue. I created an account on the Meraki Dashboard and when I went to add the new router I received a message that said that the router needed to be added to the Meraki Go Dashboard. I went to the Meraki Go Dashboard website, it required me to create a new account there, I created a new account there using the same email address, and was able to add the device. I logged back in an hour later and receive this message.


Your Meraki Dashboard credentials do not work for Meraki Go. You must log in with a Meraki Go account


When I go back to the Meraki dashboard it gives me this message when I attempt to login:


Your Meraki Go networks can only be managed from the mobile app.
Download the Meraki Go app on your mobile device and log in using this account.


I download the Meraki Go app and receive the same message as the Meraki Go site. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? I'm stuck in a revolving door of one side blaming the other as to why you can't access your equipment. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Meraki Go Team

Hi @joe43wv 


This definitely deserves a support case. Both dashboard.meraki.com and web.meraki-go.com require unique and separate email addresses to log in. We've seen both cases:

  1. Users who setup an account at dashboard.meraki.com on accident (in which case, you have to delete your account there).
  2. Users who somehow have their account added to both dashboard.meraki.com and web.meraki-go.com at the same time - causing a conflict in our system that requires support intervention.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who may find themselves in this rare circumstance. The situation outlined in #2 has only occurred twice to date and has no root cause, but you may be impacted by that behavior. Have you already claimed your equipment into an account, or reached out to any alternative support resources outside of the community here?

I am having the same issue.  I get the error "Your Meraki Dashboard credentials do not work for Meraki Go. You must log in with a Meraki Go account".  


Is there a way to delete the dashboard account?  I tried creating a new Go account, but the product was already claimed. So, it seems that deleting the dashboard account would be the best option. I assume this is an issue for the Meraki Dashboard group.  But, wanted to see if anyone else ran into this and what their solution was. 

Go to dashboard.meraki.com @jonezy to see if you can, indeed, login to an account there. If you can, you can go to the Organization -> Settings page to delete the organization (found at the bottom) which would, in theory, free your account up for use on the Meraki Go system.


If that doesn't work, shoot me a reply here and we'll take a look at what we can do.

I cannot log into the Dashboard account.  I only get a splash page with the following error "Your Meraki Go networks can only be managed from the mobile app.
Download the Meraki Go app on your mobile device and log in using this account."

Got it, so we're giving you the ping pong treatment on the login screens. Could you do me a favor and shoot us an email at help@meraki-go.com so we can open a support case and get you straightened out? We'll focus first on getting you logged in successfully, and second on making sure this problem doesn't occur again in the future for everyone else.

Count me in the same situation. My Meraki-GO [GX50 & 2 GR10s] dashboard & network were working great. I purchased and installed the Meraki Security Package (Umbrella?). After creating login credentials on umbrella.com as well as here, both the Meraki-GO iOS app and web.meraki-go.com complained about being part of a subset of another system and need to reset my password. 

How can you change your password when you can’t even login? 

So, at this point…I have ZERO access to my own network. I believe I’m locked out of the Cisco Umbrella as well.

Essentially, I guess I need my entire account(s) wiped so I can start over…or email/password(s) assigned/reset to both the GO app and the  meraki.com dashboard.

Can any Meraki-Go Team members help me with this? 

Oh, When I installed the Security Subscription ID my internal server went dark. As in, none of the websites it hosts make it to the Internet. I’m thinking this is likely a default policy in the Umbrella I need to tweak…if I ever get sync’d up.


Meraki Go Team

@LotsaCaffeine use the Forgot password link on the login screen to reset your password.