Trying to use Meraki Go for a captive portal

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Trying to use Meraki Go for a captive portal

Team, I am a new customer and I am kind of stuck like Chuck trying to use the Maeaki Go for a captive portal. In the settings I selected "Landing Page" and then "Externally Hosted" I add my website https:// URL directly to the form I am trying to use as from a WordPress website. I either get an error that there are too many re-directs or I get no error at all and the page does not even try to load, but the Wi-Fi allows the user to connect and browse the internet. The only way I have it sort of working is to select "click-through" then after the custom message page the user can click to the form. This seems like too many hoops and I like to get them right to the form first thing so I can get the leads. Can you point me in the right direction please.
Meraki Go Team

Hello @Tom Redirect loops can certainly happen under particular configuration. I think this situation merits some attention. I agree, there are too many hoops here and I think we can improve the situation. Could you do me a favor and make a wish in the app regarding this? Something along the lines of "Help with external landing page" would work, and we'll take a look at how things are configured and what the flow should be to make this a bit simpler.

Could you actually make the wish in the app @TomTownsend? I was hoping to get in touch with you and get to know the current configuration better by reviewing your wish. That way you wouldn't need to expose any email or account information here in the community.

I did do that and I solved my issue. The URL of my splash page was not in the Walled Garden. I thought that was like a white list after you connect. Now that I have added my splash page domain to the list it all works as expected. I did use the app to submit my wish though

Thanks, Tom! I think it would make sense to automatically white list the external splash page URL. That feels like a hoop you shouldn't have to jump through. Thank you for keeping me in the loop and I'm glad you got this sorted out.