Meraki Go GR10 access point and VLANs

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Meraki Go GR10 access point and VLANs

I am looking into Meraki Go APs for a small business customer.  They already have a router with a built-in switch that is VLAN aware, so I'm only looking at AP functionality currently.  The customer has two SSIDs (internal/VLAN10 and guest/VLAN20) with DHCP running on the router for both networks.


I'm trying to determine if I can have both the APs and internal SSID traffic on the same network (either untagged (option 1), or tagged (option 2), and tag the guest SSID with VLAN20.  The existing built-in switch will support either option, I would just need to configure the interface where the AP connects accordingly.



Option 1


AP mgmt - untagged

Internal SSID - untagged

Guest SSID - tagged VLAN 20




Option 2


AP mgmt - tagged VLAN10

Internal SSID - tagged VLAN10

Guest SSID - tagged VLAN 20



Any thoughts on if one or both of these options will work with the Meraki Go GR10 access point?

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Hey @clensert 


I figure a late reply is better than none. The Meraki Go access points (GR) support VLAN tagging. You can choose to configure any network or SSID with a particular VLAN tag.


This is accomplished by configuring a network in Bridge mode, and then heading over to the advanced settings to specify a VLAN tag to add to traffic on that particular network.


Hi there,


How many VLANs Meraki Go GR10 can handle?


Please advise



Hey @MartinCisco 


I saw your email, but thought I would reply here as well for everyone's benefit.


The GR product line supports up to 4 WiFi SSIDs. Each of these can, optionally, support a VLAN tag be applied to client traffic, letting you manage networks on up to 4 separate VLANs using GR

Thank you, team!