Meraki Go AP Will not connect to Secure Gateway

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Meraki Go AP Will not connect to Secure Gateway

Hi, I have just got both a Secure Gateway as well as an AP, i have set up the gateway (after i figured out how to access PPPOE settings) but the AP keeps giving me a double flashing orange light. I have tried factory resetting both devices and am still unable to get it to connect. It is connected via the PoE port on the gateway, has anyone come across this before?


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Everything should work right out of the box...but perhaps there is a settings issue? Support can see more detailed troubleshooting information and may be able to give you some insight.

Blinking orange, for what it is worth, typically indicates the AP can't find a gateway to the internet (in this case that gateway should be the GX).


I'm suspicious of either the GX port configs that the AP is connected to, or perhaps DHCP being turned off?


In any case, I'd raise a ticket using the support menu in Settings to get eyes on it.