Meraki GO PoE Switches - Availability

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Meraki GO PoE Switches - Availability



I know this has been asked before, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any updates. 

Please advise when we can expect PoE switches to be available. It’s a tad bit concerning that the current PoE switch lineup is EoL / out of stock for this entire year with no replacements.

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Sadly we are still waiting for an update. As of now, you can try to source a used model, look at a Cisco small business unit, or a 3rd party switch. Just for clarity if you purchase any other switch it will not integrate with the M-Go UI.

Thanks for the reply. I've considered that as an option. But, I would rather wait until a new product line is announced. I don't want to invest in a PoE switch that's EoL by 2025.

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What does EOL mean exactly? Just no more support / firmware updates or will they be kicked out of the UI as well?


In any case, given the present situation with no replacement available, it would be adequate to extend the EOL date

There are three parts to their end of life. First is the announcement, then the end of sales, and finally the end of support. The end of support is what I’m worried about because it’s a bit ambiguous. The article says, “The last date a product will be affirmatively supported by Cisco Meraki, typically five years following the EOS date.” Obviously that means they will no longer provide hardware support. But, does that also mean it won’t receive security patches or software updates in general? Considering this is a cloud-only product, will it even function anymore? 

These are important questions to answer for small business owners of this product. Small business owners aren’t tech savvy and won’t know their products are suddenly not supported by Cisco.

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According to the announcement, End of Support for the Meraki Go Switches is already in August 2025. That would be really bad, as I just bought two switches new in September and now I have to learn that there is less than 2 years support for these - although standard End of Support would be August 2028.

I really hope Cisco makes use of the option to extend the End of Support date - in particular as there is still no replacement product and they are actively promoting the capability of the system to integrate switches. If my new switch really gets no support after less than 2 years or even worse is kicked out of the UI I will be very unhappy.

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Does anyone have any update on this?