Frustration with Meraki Go


Frustration with Meraki Go

I sent a message 2-days ago via the support center under help and as of today still no answer and have sent another message again today.


One of the more pressing issues is my 24-port switch that is still reporting "not running configured version" it has been more than a year, and soft reset/factory reset doesn't seem to help the issue, nor updating the switch via local status page or via the app, web browser or accessing it via management port.


This particular switch has all of its ports set to "trunk" connected directly to the GX50 which all ports set to "trunk". No VLANs configures because, well this switch and all of my other 8 switches get confused so I have everything set to basic settings if I may say.


And to make matters worse and more annoying throughout the day this 24-port switch conveniently turns off and on or cycles something because updating it can't be updating firmware as it gets online without a hitch and confirms its online status under local status pages and in the app/browser.


As I have 8 other 8-port switches connected to this 24-port switch which is connected to the GX50 I tend to suddenly lose connection throughout the days on all that is connected here in my house, IoT, TV cable, IP cameras etc, etc.


Possible to hear back from you, much appreciated.


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hello @GroupeBleu 


Sorry to hear you have troubles with your switch. Sometimes support takes a while to respond to a ticket.


Not sure if you have checked the VLAN-settings for the port you connect from the Switch to the GX50. On the GX50 this port needs to be set to "Trunk", "Native VLAN" and "Allowed VLANS" can be left blank or you fill in the ID of the Default VLAN and set "Allowed VLANS" to "all", the same settings should be applied to the corresponding port of the Switch.


Some guys from support come here sometime, but I can't say when this happens.


Here's a quote from @hidden0 on the issue: "The firmware mis-match is informational and indicates that the firmware set for the site is different from that which is actually running on the hardware. Support is the best path to learn more about why this is happening and how to fix it. We're working on better firmware upgrade control that would allow you to solve this on your own."


You might also wanna have a look at: Meraki Go - GS Switch Ports - Cisco Meraki



Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

I have been summoned! (Thanks @Xydocq )


I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time @GroupeBleu and i'm happy to provide some help. The message you are seeing can be caused by a variety of issues, but it ultimately means that your hardware is set for a different firmware version than what is currently installed. As a result, the hardware is likely trying to upgrade and failing for some reason. 

Would you mind sending me a message with your case number? I'll take a look and see if we can't get you straightened out.


We have all of our switch ports (including those on the GX) set to trunk mode with native VLAN set to 1 and allowing all VLANs. The reason for this is that it should be a plug-and-play setup out of the box, and changing these settings may result in improper configuration. We're working on a series of guided flows to help people make best practice network designs by selecting configurable templates in the app.



Just reading this message and replying back with the requested case nr: 07589660


Awaiting your reply, thank you.





Hey @GroupeBleu thanks for the case number! I'll work with the support representative and we'll have some next steps or insight for you on the case today.