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Any updates/faster speeds planned for the GX20?

Meraki Go Team

Hello @ruppy8888 


The GX20 will remain at maximum rated speed of 250 Mbps. However, our feature development for the app and software updates for the GX20 hardware has and will be an ongoing commitment to our customers.

I only get 92 Mbps.

Meraki Go Team

Hi @tech9 


There are numerous variables in play here, and I'm not sure what method you used to test your speed. Can you give us any more details here?


  • How did you connect to the GX20 to perform the test? Were you directly connected?
  • What speed test did you use?
  • Did you test the speed to the GX20 directly using the local status page with the built-in speed test?
  • Were other users connected and using the internet at the time of the speed test? Even background applications when computers are turned on and nobody using them can send/receive network traffic.


The field is a bit wide to explain why you aren't reaching 250 Mbps.