2FA deleted - GX20

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2FA deleted - GX20

I deleted the meraki go app and 2FA thinking if I ever needed back into the router I could reinstall the app.


The app is asking for 2FA that I do not have.


I do have the 8 sets of numbers provided by the app during the initial setup that is used to recover an account.... but i cannot find anywhere on the site about how to use this information to recover the account.


i also used the reset button as my first try to recover access to the router.


what can i do to access the router admin on the app (besides smash the router with a hammer)?


ps. i already sent an email to help@meraki-go.com  so i am looking for additional answers.  

Meraki Go Team

Thank you for reaching out directly, as directed by the app, @tech9 . I believe we managed to get you all sorted out? Let us know with a reply if you still face any issues.