GX-20 - performance problem - speed from IPS

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GX-20 - performance problem - speed from IPS

I have recently had a MERAKI GO set in my small company. I have a question. It had a link / optical fiber from the IPS operator 800/400 MB/s. Unfortunately, both on WFI and connecting the equipment directly to the LAN, I can not achieve higher internet speed than 250MBs / 250Mbs. Wifi works a bit faster because a maximum of 320 / 210Mbs. Maybe I missed something in the configuration or is it a hardware limitation?

Meraki Go Team

The Meraki Go GX20 has a throughput capacity of 250 Mbps, so this sounds perfectly expected @Spokii.


That being said we recognize the need for something a bit faster and will continue to work towards the best hardware solution for our customers.


Out of curiosity, what business applications make an 800/400 (Mbps?) network connection a requirement for you? Is there a lot of backups or video/content streaming?

Thank you for the answer. The device therefore works as designed.


Yes, business is sending and processing Video 4k and 8K ect. Very heavily weighted content.

I was genuinely curious @Spokii so thank you. 


Do you find businesses using that full 800/400 pipe at a consistent rate? 

What if Go had a 500 Mbps device? 1 Gig? I'm curious to know if that 1 Gbps speed a hard requirement of the industry or a special use case.

I think there are a lot of production / media companies that require 1Gig / 1Gig - With online production all over the world, in-flight material processing, contact with multiple media at once, such requirements are welcomed.


This speed allows us to work freely. And so the GX20 is not a device designed for this. 500 MB / s would take care of most of the needs, even the most demanding ones. Where efficiency matters, we use other Cisco products :). I just have the GX-20 at home, where I have my workplace . However, in other locations we have much more efficient equipment.


I wanted to improve my working conditions 🙂 and the GX-20 is a nice and simple device that I did not have to waste time on 🙂 Unfortunately, I was lost by my ignorance and I did not check its performance 🙂 

I'm at least glad you were excited enough to pick it up, regardless 🙂


Our team here with Meraki Go is definitely interested in fixing the throughput gap. There are definitely circumstances, however, where either Cisco Meraki Enterprise or Cisco proper fit the bill a bit more appropriately. 


Thank you for the time, @Spokii!