GS110-24P Availability

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GS110-24P Availability

In late October 2022, I placed an order for a GS110-24P 24-port POE switch through a Cisco Meraki reseller. At the time I placed the order, I was told there were severe supply constraints. Yesterday I received a call from that reseller who told me that Cisco is no longer shipping this model switch and that they were refunding my money and cancelling the order. When I asked if there was a new model or an alternative, I was referred to the Meraki enterprise line of products.


As of today, the switch still appears on the Meraki Go web site. I just located the Meraki EOL page and the GS110 line of switches is listed as of February 23. I have not seen a new switch line launched as a replacement.


I purchased three GS-110-8P 8-port POE switches, three WiFi 6 access points, and a GX50 along with the GS110-24P for a residential installation.  The 24-port POE switch is necessary to drive POE cameras and APs, and POE injectors aren't practical. The Meraki enterprise line of products pricing and licensing model isn't attractive for residential use cases, even at the low end.


With the "recent" addition of the GX50 and the WiFi 6 indoor and outdoor APs to the Meraki Go portfolio, I can't image that Cisco is abandoning the Meraki Go product line, particularly when competing systems exist.


What is the alternative product for the Meraki Go portfolio of switches?


Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hi @ahawthorn, unfortunately your information is correct.


We have not released a replacement product yet and I cannot share any further info at this time. This is why we are recommending looking at other products, including the Meraki Enterprise line. 

So I guess it was just a matter of time before Cisco pulls a Linksys fastball on its small business customers? Or is Cisco folding small business product offerings into Meraki Enterprise? 


As I am a user and owner of several devices Meraki Go devices GX20 WiFi 5 / GX50 WiFi 6 I was never happy with how the business customer has to deal with troubleshooting network issues via email and hoping for a speedy reply or solution.


The Meraki Go UI is the worst, was at first only mobile, and after several requests from all of us users a "web UI" yet it remains limited compared to what to what Meraki Enterprise dashboard can do.


Guess we will wait and see how this will develop....




First of all, thank you for your feedback and for being a Meraki Go customer. We appreciate the honest feedback and understand that an unexpected end of life is difficult for those who have invested in Meraki Go. 


We are not moving to Meraki Enterprise only; this is a supply chain issue that will be resolved with time. 


In addition, rest assured that our team is working to improve the app experience. If you did not participate in our last round of user research, please keep an eye out for additional chances to participate. 


Finally, I'll DM you my email. Please reach out if there's anything I can help with.


Art Marshall

Product Manager, Meraki Go



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as of today, should I even offer a Meraki Go solution to a new customer? Because for the small SMB customer, a price comparison with the Meraki Enterprise solution is sometimes twice as high.
So the only alternative is Ubnt or other third-party manufacturers?

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That choice is up to you and what is best for your customer base. I will say I came from UI, and though in many cases it is a good choice I can't name how many times I was hit with some random bug that took my customers down. There are other brands out on the market that fall in the same price point, but it comes down to what you feel is a good band choice and the learning curve behind that choice.