Meraki Testing

Kind of a big deal

Meraki Testing

I know most of us have a test environment somewhere. I want to ask what type of scenarios do you do for testing. VPN's, group policies, SM, etc. Anything info would be greatly appreciated. 

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I used mine to test my client VPN setup... now I'm testing API on my test environment.

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I use mine mostly for demoing. What I show depends on the situation. I often ask my client what they want to see.


When not demoing I'm using it to test out stuff for the community. Trying to reproduce issues people are having on here and trying to help troubleshooting.


A few days ago I tested the behavior of the splash page and what happens to a client when the allowed timeframe expires. It's very helpful to see exactly what the dashboard reports.


I love my test environment and would be gutted if I lost it for some reason (e.g. license expiring).

Kind of a big deal

Using my CMNA kit (MX64, MS120 sw, an MR AP) and a branch office (MX68) at work, I've tested:


Branch office:

1. Alternate client VPN encryption settings.

2. About to test SAML SSO using Azure AD.


At home:

2. Downloading then uploading switchport configs using JSON files

3. Group policies (Gotta rate limit the PS4 when it's downloading games, naturally)

4. A... bunch... of other script shenanigans, honestly. It's easy to fix my own stuff and I only have one person to disgruntle.

Head in the Cloud

I was our test environment as a spoke network replica. Since most of our spoke locations are pretty cookie-cutter, I can easily scale my test results from one network to dozens. Also any updates that we do that would affect our spoke networks and the equipment (Meraki or not).

From there I test pretty much anything we don't use on a daily basis. VPN Setup, new features, baseline testing, policies, bug bounty hunting :-). It is a test environment so I like to break it because I know I can just rebuild it.
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API provisioning, using cellular as WAN 2 interface on the MX, HA/Spare MX configuration/troubleshooting etc. We are testing a lot of new Meraki stuff including the cameras, MX, bringing some cellular stuff into the mix, throughout this we are finding some peculiar problems within the dashboard, such as the primary MX showing as the "Current Master" while the spare device shows status of "Current Master" as well. 


We also test out a lot of the SNMP capabilities within the dashboard/devices. To ensure we can monitor/alert on our Meraki devices out in the field. 

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