Meraki SWAG?!

Getting noticed

Meraki SWAG?!

When is this Meraki store going to launch?! I want more socks! 😄 


Seriously though..




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Kind of a big deal

You noob !

Nobody cares about silly socks

We want the gnomes !!!!!!
Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal

The socks are pretty comfy though, and my partner likes his Meraki mug. 


I'd really be down for a lime green Meraki branded swing dress, but I suspect the market is limited there.

Getting noticed

The socks are extremely comfortable and the mug is my favorite. I'd love to see a store launch so I can furnish my new apartment with all Meraki 😄 






Building a reputation

Hey @NolanHerring I might be the only “public” person with all the gnomes! And, it should stay that way. 😜 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I could do with some more socks as well!

Building a reputation

I'm lucky I already gathered 4 pares of socks 😄

Also have the nice meraki phone charging cable.


A mug would also be seriously cool.


But, maybe an idea... is Meraki Swag available at Cisco Live EMEA in Barcelona in a few weeks?

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

There will be Meraki swag at Cisco Live EMEA! Be sure to swing by the Meraki lounge 🙂
Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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Now i'm getting curious...... 😄

Some special stuff there?

I'll take my Meraki socks to Barcelona 😄
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hell yeah! I‘ll definitely be stopping by! 😎

More people from the community there?

Just a thought everyone loves the comfy socks so much imagine if they had underwear!!! 😎


ps: I would love some more socks as well, travelling to Europe to get some free socks isn't very economical for me 😂

Ok, so I'll take the bait.  😀  I have just a little bit of swag from one of my recent past events, maybe about 5 pairs of socks left over.  I was going to hand them out at my next customer-facing event, probably a Meraki Minilab training day.  So to make it interesting, and given the obvious high demand for comfy Meraki socks made with 100% cloud, reply back on this thread, I'm thinking it'll have to be FCFS (luckily the posts show up in chronological order) and I'll DM you to try and find some feet for these extra socks!


@MerakiDave  Me please.

There is no such thing as to much meraki socks 😉 But i think it will be better to try and score some at CL.

@MerakiDave - I don't have any Meraki swag yet, so starting with a comfy pair of 100% Cloud socks would be awesome! If you still have a pair, let me know. 







Well, it looks like i'm the fifth post under @MerakiDave's. Hopefully this gets me a chance to own the first Meraki swag item. Good luck to me... 

How are you getting so many socks!?

Here to help

I am so sad, I won't be at live this year. 

So I can not catch some socks. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Ta da! 🎉 Meraki swag is now available in the Cisco Store. Get yours here: 💚

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